Critical severity vulnerability was found in bundler spree_auth_devise (RubyGems) .


CSRF vulnerability that allows user account takeover.

All applications using any version of the frontend component of spree_auth_devise are affected if protect_from_forgery method is both:

  • Executed whether as:
    • A before_action callback (the default)
    • A prepend_before_action (option prepend: true given) before the :load_object hook in Spree::UserController (most likely order to find).
  • Configured to use :null_session or :reset_session strategies (:null_session is the default in case the no strategy is given, but rails –new generated skeleton use :exception).

That means that applications that haven’t been configured differently from what it’s generated with Rails aren’t affected.

Thanks @waiting-for-dev for reporting and providing a patch 👏


Spree 4.3 users should update to spree_auth_devise 4.4.1
Spree 4.2 users should update to spree_auth_devise 4.2.1


If possible, change your strategy to :exception:

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base   protect_from_forgery with: :exception end

Add the following toconfig/application.rb to at least run the :exception strategy on the affected controller:

config.after_initialize do   Spree::UsersController.protect_from_forgery with: :exception end





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